20 October 2008


I work in an university town. With that, you sometimes see things that make you go not only "hmm" but "WTF"

As I am having a Monday, I had to go buy lunch today. (McDonalds...I'm twelve)

Across the street from the drive-through, there is a bus stop. There was a couple seated there and having a moment. They were kissing, he had his hand on her cheek. It was kind of sweet.

And then the kiss continued

And then he placed his hand, ever so gently, On Her Boob.

As soon as the thought of "Did I just see that?" began to process, a passing car honked their horn at them.

Then I noticed a trio of young girls walking along the sidewalk and I watched their expressions & comments. One of the girls caught my eye with an expression clearly saying "Like, OMG!"

I just smiled and shook my head.

Oh, to be young and in "love"


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Making out at the bus station...classy. Funny too!

Firegirl said...

I just couldn't believe it. Klassy is right!!!

Swistle said...

"ever so gently, On Her Boob" made me laugh LITERALLY AUDIBLY.