01 November 2008

It's not every day

...that you get to teach a Vietnamese woman to curse.

Kevin and I have have our haircut by a tiny little Vietnamese woman appropriately named Ha.
She's been cutting our hair, and now the entire families hair, for over 10 years.

Ha is a little bit older than me and she's been married to her husband as long as Kevin & I.
If it weren't for the whole Vietnamese thing, we've led parallel lives. Ha's been in the States for about fifteen years now. She is an American dream success story: came over with nothing, put herself through school and now owns her own business.

She is also the sweetest person you will ever meet. She never speaks ill of anyone, ever. She goes to church every Sunday, she takes excellent care of her family. As if that's not enough, she makes regular trips to Vietnam, bringing blankets, clothing, glasses, and money to the large homeless population and the disabled. She is, frankly, a saint.

I tell you all of this so you understand what a wonderful person she is.

Kevin got his hair cut today. Kevin is called "Brother" by Ha. She adores him and the feeling is mutual. They bicker and tease like siblings. It's like watching a sitcom waiting for him while he's getting a haircut.

Today, Ha was teasing him about his gray hair. (he has salt & pepper hair, now getting mostly salty) She also teased him about our sister-in-law being younger than he. (by seven months)
He told her that he was born in 1966. This stalled her momentarily, as she tried to do the math. She knew it couldn't be right so she asked me when he was born. I said "He's full of sh*t, Ha. He was born in 1962"

She laughed right out loud. "Brother" she giggles "Did you hear that? You're full of sh*t!"
She was pleased as a six-year-old who had just cursed to her friend for the first time. Kevin & I burst out laughing, she was just so happy.

"I'm going to remember that!" she tells us. "You're full of *stage whisper* shit!" Then she giggles and literally jumps up and down like a child.

It was the cutest damn thing you've ever seen.

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