23 December 2008


The news today is that it's Not Snowing.

But wait, there's more on the way. It's going to be a White Christmas, and New Year and perhaps Easter. As my BFF D has been reminding me DAILY, be careful what you wish for. Everyone knows that I love snow days, even after the post-snow day rollover in February. I still love the snow. yes, I'm sick, I admit it. And my friends & family resent my undying love so it's a good thing it's Christmas & they can't kill me.

But Seven Snow Days. Seven! Two Feet of Snow! Even this is testing the boundaries of my love. I was home with Kevin for five days and with the dog seven days. (I think she's more resentful than I am, actually. Every once in a while I catch an eye roll and sigh. I know she's thinking "Remember when you guys went away on a trip and I had ALL OF THIS to myself? Yeah, good times." ) Exhibit A:

How does she manage to look so annoyed?

Kevin went back to work yesterday only because the temp was slightly above freezing. He's in a safety meeting today and then it looks like we are joined at the hip for the next five days again.
While I love him dearly, I realize just how clearly I need to be alone for more than fifteen minute increments. Bless him, with our recent Vegas adventure, he is without a project. Sigh...

On the good (?) side, I've been catching up on my television watching. Although everything is re-runs this week and to boot, DISH Network is having an argument with the ABC affiliate in Seattle and isn't broadcasting ABC anymore. WTF. I'm giving it a week and then I'm ordering DIRECT TV.
(I just called DISH, they gave me a $5 credit for 5 months for the inconvenience of not having ABC. This is not actually a credit but an adjustment for paying for something I'm not receiving. Nice try DISH. The customer service rep said it's ABC and not just the Seattle Affiliate that they're arguing with so someone is not being truthful. KOMOTV just says "We're not using DISH, subscribe to DIRECT TV)


I've discovered Still Standing, the sitcom with Jamie Gertz. I actually like it. And Rita Rocks, which I thought I'd hate but I actually heart a little.

And What The Hell with no Christmas programming on? No Miracle on 34th Street (either version), no It's A Wonderful Life? Even the made-for-television syrupy Christmas movies on Lifetime/Hallmark/ABC Family haven't been on! I was COUNTING ON whiling away hours with that stuff. This is not helping my Holiday spirit.

Tonight, on Christmas Eve Eve, we have to brave the stores to finish shopping that I put off for budgetary and scheduling purposes. I was going to leisurely shop this week, on my own, slowly browse Target and whatever store caught my attention...but noooo......................Okay, focus on time with Kevin. Focus on buying gifts for my beloved nieces...focus on not being in the house...*deep breaths* Whew.

Okay, so here I am. Paused. With no schedule, I'm being lazy and unfocused. No Sunday Fiction...that's next on my list...haven't started, er, considered, the Great Book Purge of 2008 or cleaning the closet from hell. One reason is that I can't get out of the house to dispose of whatever I decide to discard. So I'm stuck in a reverse version of Give A Mouse A Cookie.

And now, Kevin just called. He's on his way home, early. I am now doing the Oh My God, I Haven't Done ANYTHING Today dance.

But I did get his secret gift wrapped & hidden next door so it's all good.

Oh, and it's snowing. Again.

Oh, and he called again...he got an unexpected Christmas bonus!!

***Merry Christmas* !!! *Happy Snow Days!!! ***

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Not Your Aunt Bea said...

For as much as I *think* I would like a white Christmas, I *think* I would only really like it for a few hours and then it can get up into the 70s again. This cold stuff is just not for me.