18 February 2009

If I had a million dollars...

Well, not a million but I do have $50. Yesterday I received my rebate from Verizon in the form of a $50 Visa card.

It's been burning a hole in my psyche ever since...

What. To. Do?

Cash it out and put it in savings?
Go to E*Trade and buy stock?
Pay a bill?
Give it to Kevin as a surprise?
Pay it forward?
Regift it?
Use it for one week of weekly expenses? (mochas, gas, mochas)
Blow it on Amazon, Target, Value Village, etc?

I went to the book store tonight to exchange two books because I am a *GENIUS* and ordered two books I already had. I was very pleased that I didn't come out with a wagon full of books. However, I can only plead so much maturity level, as I remembered that I had the card as I was walking out of the store. And trust me, it was like an alcoholic walking by a bar. Whew!

So, I ask again: What to do?

What would you do with a surplus-ish $50?


Swistle said...

If I had someone I gave a $50 giftcard to for Christmas, and if it could be saved, and if it wasn't labeled with my name or whatever, I'd save it for Christmas and give it as a gift.

Otherwise, I'd use it to cover my next Walmart/Target/grocery shopping trip.

lacochran said...

Go into a DC bar and buy one and a half cocktails.

Bethany said...

For some reason, I have a hard time using a gift card unless someone else is with me and we're doing dinner or something. :) No idea why! I'd probably just use it to buy essentials...I know, I'm boring!