01 April 2009

Dear Friend,

Random, so very random items to share. I owe my two BFF's letters so I'm cheating a little. Now you too, stranger friends, get to enjoy my letter writing skills.

I'm on Twitter...I find that I enjoy reading everyone else's tweets versus writing one. I always want to write something entertaining and witty versus mundane, then I can't think of something so then I don't post and the cycle continues. However, John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher and Quinn Cummings are very entertaining to read. Anyway....firegirl03 is me.

I'm equally dreading & looking forward to ER's last episode. It's been on nearly as long as Kevin & I have been married. I'm going to record it and watch it on my own. Kevin has never liked it and usually sleeps through it but it's on early so a running commentary is unavoidable.

I just started watching American Idol. I waited until it was the Top 10 before I began. So far, I like Anoop. I'm not impressed with any of the girls at all.

April is Poetry Month so be prepared if I post random poetry. (I heard that sigh, Swistle! :-D )

Food Adventure is still going well. Friday night Forced Family Fun is our downfall. We're trying to make better choices with ordering dinners. The worst thing I battle is planning ahead...thawing chicken and the such. And I'm starting to pay attention to sugar now. One little battle at a time. Although I don't know if I'll ever loosen my grip on my mochas. Because, really, let's not go crazy here.

All the parents are *knocking wood* currently in their respective homes. Kevin's mother is healing well and kicking ass with the walking thing. A shower would exhaust her and now it's not an issue. She can shop without that &*()@$#$%#)*)#% cart so that's a good thing right there.
My dad is my dad. He called randomly for directions for my uncle whom is visiting in May. Three times. Once at 7:30 in the morning.

I bought the mate to the funky lamp a few weekends ago. I am so pleased!!!! It was 50% off!!!

My Brother Dear has another girlfriend. She seems normal and nice. We've learned from past experience that this is rarely actually true but we're cautiously optimistic.

My youngest niece is doing the Not Turning In Assignments thing. SIGH...........So. Frustrating. Is it bad that I'm relieved I'm the Aunt and not the Mama?

The Nephew is on a cleanse to get his stomach settled down from the Crohns. He's got temporary disability coverage now so that's a relief. What a disappointment. A strapping, smart, funny, good looking guy and he's debilitated. Any suggestions anyone?

Work is equal parts fun and frustrating. I hate Excel. Admitting I have a problem is the first step and I've made no progress since then. It is the Devil, I'm telling you.

On Facebook, I ran into an ex-boyfriend and the woman Michael slept with while we were still married. On The Same Day. I didn't "friend" them but I know they're out there, somewhere. That was a little disconcerting. It's a small world & just getting smaller.

BFF D lost her job to the economy. She's taking it easy and hanging out at home. I almost wish I was her. I'm a little jealous. Actually, it occurred to me earlier today that she's having my 2006. That's the year my life fell apart so I guess it's her turn. Chin up D!!!!
And, I just remembered! Tulip Festival is coming up and we always go together. I think I feel a cold coming on. *cough* cough* *sniffle* (Shhh, J! (:-D )

Okay, I've ran out of ramblings and Kevin just came in. So we'll talk soon.



Swistle said...

Yay for the lamp! On clearance, even!

What eye-rolling? *innocent expression* I was just looking at something on the ceiling.

Swistle said...

Oh, you didn't say eye-rolling, you said sighing. OH, hey, I didn't say eye-rolling EITHER.