22 March 2010

Dinner Roulette

One of the perks of having your in-laws within throwing distance is dinner.

Often my mother-in-law makes dinner for us. We mostly take it home with us & pretend that I made it. She even bought a special pot & lid for transport to and fro.

Last week, for some reason, she made dinner four nights out of five. While this is wonderful, it rendered the groceries I bought useless. As Kevin wasn't feeling well nor eating much anyway, it wasn't a huge deal. And, bonus round, as the bank account is a little shallow for the next four days, it helps in the long run.

Tonight my phone rang as I pulled into the driveway. It was my mother-in-law, as it usually is at this time of day. "I've made biscuits & gravy for dinner." She knows that I detest biscuits & gravy. (I was a poor kid, it's a hidden scar. :-D )

So, I said "You love your son more than me is what you're saying" which always flusters her. "I will make you something you like too." she says.

I called Kevin and told him "Your mom loves you more than me & has made your favorite dinner." So he was all excited.

Five minutes later, she calls again. "Um, well, your brother brought over homemade lasagna for us and for you guys. So we're having lasagna instead." She is clearly flustered. She knows what is going to happen next.

"So" I said "you want me to call Kevin and tell him he's not getting his favorite dinner after all?"

She laughed and admitted yes.

I called Kevin & said (forgive the political incorrectness) "Your mother is an Indian Giver."
I explained that his brother brought over lasagna and she will make him biscuits tomorrow.

"ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!?!?!?!" I hear as I'm holding my phone away from my head.
"I've been looking forward to, my mouth has been watering for, biscuits and gravy for five minutes and NOW she's Not MAKING it!?!?!!"

"Call your mother & tell her that she clearly doesn't love you."

We're having biscuits & gravy tomorrow. Well, he is. I am probably having leftover lasagna.

This is why I don't plan dinners ahead of time. It's just a spin of the wheel and everything changes. Everyone should have such problems.


Jamie said...

Wow! It's a shame we won't be living closer to my MIL! I would love someone else to cook for me...especially since I'm inept in the kitchen!

Shelly said...

That is hilarious. You have a great relationship with your MIL - I'm jealous!

creative kerfuffle said...

that seals the deal, i want to move beside you. dammit. someone calling around dinner time to tell me what they've cooked for me? that is like winning the damn lottery. i HATE w/ every fiber of my being thinking of what to make for dinner and then making it. i swear to all that is holy and not so holy, when my kids move out of the house, the hubs and i will be take out or eat out whores.

(my wordify is frettard---that makes me laugh)