06 April 2010

Dear Dog,

There are few things we ask of you.

Don't sit at the table during dinner. You don't have opposable thumbs so you're not invited.

Have some boundaries. People have personal space & you must honor that.

Protect us and the house. This doesn't mean frisk strangers for treats then leave.

Most of all, Dog, would you please stop looking down the hall as if there is someone there when clearly There. Is. Not. It freaks me the eff out.

In turn, we don't mention the "Bath" word. We take you for treats at the mocha stand. We allow you to sleep in the office, as much as you think that you allow us to live in this house.

Mmmkay. KThanks.

1 comment:

Not Your Aunt B said...

Aww...love the photo! And staring down the hall like someone is there- spooky!