11 May 2010


Brother Dear is ten years older than me. He graduated in 1977, right in the heart of rock & roll, disco, and polyester.

Although I was only eight at the time, I somehow understood that everything was going to change after that graduation. I've written before about my brother trying to fit in all the memories he could with me before leaving for the service.

The theme song of the graduation was "Do You Know Where You're Going To?" I remember thinking that was the perfect song. I also remember trying really hard not to cry because tears weren't welcomed in this family, especially not in public. The song still makes me teary. Everything changed with that graduation, not just for my brother.

The next song they played was also perfect. "We Will Rock You". The entire gymnasium rocked with foot stomping, clapping, and singing. It was one of the most fun, memorable moments of my life. I remember very clearly that my dad was not amused, them playing that loud "long-haired, hippie type" music. But I loved it. I remember thinking it would be cool to play that when I graduated.

I told Brother Dear that story when Dad passed and he smiled. He'd never heard the story about Dad's reaction before and it made him smile the same way it did for me when it happened.

What song(s) played at your graduation?

Oh, Glass Tiger "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone." LAME.


Jamie said...

I sang "I Will Remember You", by Sarah McLachlan at my graduation. The cool thing is that my classmates still remember it! There is also a song called "Better Days" by Dar Williams that my friends and I listened to around graduation time.

creative kerfuffle said...

i honestly don't know if there were any songs played at my graduation. 1986. wow. i do know that the guy who handed me my diploma later became one of the joint chiefs of staff before retiring.