04 May 2010

As You Wish

I am so completely sick of every single thing that I can cook that I could scream.

To add insult to injury, we have eaten out so much in my lifetime that restaurant food no longer holds any allure.

I could have cereal for dinner for the rest of my God given life and I would be FINE. You think I am kidding and I am so not. When I was single, I totally had cereal for dinner.

It's not as if my repertoire of meals is vast. Even with the Food Thing adding more meals that I can "not screw up" (Kevin's seal of approval), the list is still quite minimal.

Mix into the above challenge that Kev gets home no sooner than 6:00 pm then has stuff to do before he can eat dinner & settle down. So I need to not only plan a meal, prepare it but time it to be ready at specific time. Have you met me? I could sooner fly a commercial airplane.

AND THEN, while I'm on a rant here, Kevin has begun the As You Wish technique of choosing his dinner preference.

"Is there something that sounds good?"

"Whatever you'd like to make"

"You want me to pick up dinner or make?"

"Whatever is easier for you."

I have a text that says: "Whatever makes you happy"

Before you get all swoony about what a great guy Kevin is (and he is) consider how frustrating this is to hear when you would rather have Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner.

What's for dinner at your house?


creative kerfuffle said...

honest to god i could have written this post. my response has to go w/ your other post on what chore do you hate the most. i HATE thinking of what to have and cooking dinner. why? because i have picky eaters, i don't like cooking, i don't have a huge cooking repetoire and i rarely get any suggestions. when i ask the hubs i also get, whatever you want, i don't really care, etc. tonight is one of those nights when i have no idea what to have. before being laid off a night like this might have meant going out to eat. we've cut WAY back on that though. i am debating about making spaghetti. bleh. i don't feel like eating spaghetti though. my quick go do meals are chicken & rice, brinner (breakfast for dinner), hamburger helper (which my kids love and the hubs and i hate) or whatever you can find. wycf means just that--cereal? sandwich? canned ravioli? ramen? yeah, i don't care.

Not Your Aunt B said...

We are totally doing whatever is quick, close, or easy right now. Sometimes than means cereal at home, sometimes it means a nice restaurant.