12 June 2010

Boys are back in town

There is a roomful of boys in this house right now. Not to sound slutty but I couldn't be happier.

There is something about boys that just makes me happy. I guess it was because I have brothers and grew up in a male dominated world.

But there is just the way they talk to each other. They're brutal. You can't be sensitive with these guys. You have a weakness? you might as well have a target on your shirt. And if you do something stupid? Game Over. They will never let you forget.

They're watching fights right now and suddenly the roof came off the house. Someone hit someone and they fell down.

And these guys are funny. One is someone I went to high school with who is wicked funny. The other is really shy but is funny as hell. My nephew is stretched across the floor. Kevin is holding court in his recliner. The dog? She's in the middle of it all.

Usually fight nights are next door. Their living room is larger. They cook. But the b-i-l had to work so the boys are here. One of our friends brought pizza and I bought chips, dip, and ice cream.

There were plenty of jokes about "It's not like this next door." Somewhere I got the opportunity to say "The bitch don't cook." it was awesome.

How did you spend your Saturday night?

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creative kerfuffle said...

ah---we cooked out; played bull shit w/ the kids; drank pina coladas (not the kids) and i think that's it : )