07 June 2010

First Five For...

...Monday. Yes, I know "Friday" would have been much more catchy.
I have three unfinished blog posts that I am just not feeling so they're continuing to wallow in the drafts folder. Nothing I sat down to write today would form itself into anything other than gelatinous mental goo.

So here: The first five pictures on my cell phone:

In the immortal words of Bill Murray in the SNL skit that I love: "What the hell IS that?" It is Kevin's belt. In the sink. The sink that we never use unless we're late & both need the sink. He leaves it there simply because it bothers me when he leaves it on the counter. That's love, baby.

This is a most unhappy Missy Jo in the rain. A) she hates her picture taken B) she knows that I am not letting her in the house and C) I don't have a treat so she can't be bothered with the likes of me.

Yeah, I did it. This was Kevin's birthday present: labeled socks. He LOVES them.

First cherries of the summer. I don't think there is a more beautiful fruit to photograph out there. Fine, prove me wrong then! I look forward to your posts/comments.

Up until the past few days, this is my drive home in the pouring down rain.
Welcome to my world.

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creative kerfuffle said...

love the pics : ) i want some cherries now.