29 June 2010

He Is NOT A Hero

He is a little f&%ker that most of us who live in the Pacific Northwest want caught. I hate to even type his name but I have to or this whole post will be nonsense.

Colton Harris Moore. I would usually provide links but I don't want to lend any more attention to him than necessary. Google his name, it will pop up as a suggestion. He's been featured in Time, Rolling Stone, New York Times, everywhere.

This is the only site that I will link to: http://catchthebarefootbandit.wordpress.com/

He is a thief and nothing more. He is not a hero. He is not a modern day Robin Hood or Jesse James. He is a thief. He has stolen thousands of dollars worth of stuff in many different states and British Columbia.

While some people profess that he is just robbing from people who can well afford it, I say: Stealing is stealing. Beyond the material things, the people whom he has robbed no longer have a peace of mind they once had. It's not like he hits a house once and moves on, he's been known to return. He shot at a Sheriff's deputy. He is a punk.

He has a Facebook fan page. He has his own fan club website. There are freaking t-shirts available for sale.

Well, I have this to say to his fans: he's moved toward the Midwest now. We'll see how proud & supportive people are of this little bastard now that he's headed your direction. Wait until he steals your car, breaks into your house, uses your computer then we'll see how charming he is.

There is a bounty hunter looking for him, free of charge. Rumor has it that is why he's moved on. There is a reward. He was offered a free lawyer and a cash sum if he turned himself in. What did he do? Rob some more houses & businesses. Oh but wait, he donated $100 to a animal shelter....that undoes his evil deeds, doesn't it?

He is a punk. He is not a hero.

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