16 June 2010


Another detail about me that you might not know is that I love So You Think You Can Dance.

I am amazed at the dancers, the sheer talent that just defies words. The choreographers are artists as well. I love that the show has come full circle and former contestants are now choreographers and featured dancers.

If you ever are bored, go to the YouTube and look up So You Think You Can Dance. It's worth the time, trust me.

Here are my favorites:
Travis Wall
Katee & Joshua
Katee & Twitch
Dreaming with a Broken Heart
Bleeding Love
Whatcha Say

And to watch these, you'll need Kleenex. Don't doubt, go get it now then click.
Breast Cancer

Tonight had a dance that was so incredible that I can't hardly breathe. It is a terrible quality video from YouTube and I will post a new one as soon as it becomes available:

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creative kerfuffle said...

well, i have to admit, i so do not get the dancing shows at all. but, i'll still be your friend : )