03 August 2010

I Am Getting Old

Okay, I am beginning to feel old. I've watched two Biography shows...Rosie & Alec Baldwin...then I watched I Am Comic which featured all the comics I loved when I was in my teens-twenties. I remember these people when they were just starting out.

People Magazine is beginning to feature "celebrities" that I don't recognize. Then on second thought, perhaps it is because the definition of celebrity has changed. It used to be that you had to have multiple movie/television shows or *gasp* actual talent. Now you just have to have a sex tape, a famous father, or call it "The Iraq" during a pageant.

I am starting to not get the humor these days. Tosh 2.0 is lost on me. Saturday Night Live is hit & miss. I age twenty years watching America's Best Dance Crew, it makes me want to bang my head against the wall until the noise stops. Brett Michaels just cheated death for eff's sake.

Then there's the Justin Bieber...WTH is that about?

Get me my cane...and my linoment...my stories are coming on....where's the cat?

What makes you feel old?


Melina said...

so, I just led a wilderness trip with 7 16 year old girls and they wanted to listen to Justin Beiber and Aaron Carter the WHOLE time. just kept thinking....no way do people actually listen to these guys, you must be joking....right?

Nope. It's real.

Firegirl said...

Someone please explain Justin Beiber to me...I don't get it.

Grey Ghost said...

Your much too young to think that way,wait till get my age.