09 July 2010

It's Not Writers Block

It's not. It's NOT. IT'S NOT.

I am not writing...or writing total crap posts...because...

Because it's summer. It's hot. It's too nice to be inside. (yes I have a desk job, shut up. :-)

The flowers need watering.

Kevin needs help with the racecar.

Squirrel!! (that's never not going to be funny to me so get used to it.)

So please hold while we resolve our technical issues...which translates to "I CAN'T WANT TO!!!!"

1 comment:

creative kerfuffle said...

squirrel! omg. yes.
ok, if you get the chance, go see despicable me. excellent.
writer's block. reminds me that you said at some point that you were working on a novel. how long have you been working on it? what type of novel is it? i have tons of false starts but i need to start writing something again, other than a blog.