06 August 2010


In the words of the Far Sides Garry Larson: I am DUN. After having a great weekend which allowed for little rest and a long, hot week, I am beyond anything reasonable. I am not fit for human consumption.


Suzy Pancake has not been seen since The Incident. We're all going to Hell for laughing.

My mom is disappointed that the nice Bryan Seacourt is not becoming a judge on American Idol.

Kevin is talking to his friend whom we refer to as Dumb John. Yeah, we have some interesting nicknames in our group.

I am texting my (fingers crossed) sister-in-law with so much sarcasm I am waiting for Verizon to shut the phone off.

My goal of saving the foxglove & wild daisies was thwarted by my kind father-in-law who weed-whacked while we were gone last weekend. But at least I know that they're called foxglove now. (thanks CK!)

I am pouting a little bit about not going to Blogher. I am considering Swistle's suggestion for a give-away for those of us who didn't go. Stay tuned.

LOL...Kevin just got one of those scam texts that says your credit card has been deactivated. He replied "EFF OFF".

For some reason I was thinking of my friend Brad earlier today...oh, I know why. Kent Boyd on So You Think You Can Dance reminds me of his son who was killed when he was seven years old. Anyway, I have lots of good Brad stories but this is my favorite:

Brad wanted to find The ONE. He was a bit of a whore when we were younger but it was all in the quest to find the one. Finally, he gave up. He stopped going out, whoring about, and just settled down. Sure enough, he met his wife shortly thereafter.

Brad is a creative guy with a WICKED side. OMG...I have to tell you one more story...Hello, ADD....but I'll finish this one first.

He told his "wife" that he decided that he didn't believe in marriage and that he was happy living with her for the rest of his life. She was most unhappy about this. Most Unhappy.

We had a family gathering for the fireworks and this was when Brad still was a pyrotech. His "wife" told me prior to the show that she was most likely moving out after the holiday because while she loved Brad, she wanted to be Married. I scurried to Brad as soon as humanly possible and told him "DUDE, you better hurry". He had a plan, but he wouldn't tell me about it.

So evening wears on. We do the fireworks show and come to shore. It's close to midnight at this point. Brad jumps off the docks, marches through the crowd, goes up onto the deck, kneels down with the ring, and proposes.

It was awesome. It still gives me happy tears thinking about it.

I love random memories like that. It made me want to call him.

Do you have a happy proposal that you've witnessed?


Swistle said...

I'm trying to think of a giveaway, but I think I left it too late. If I'd thought of it earlier, I could have done one on, like, Thurs or Fri? But now BlogHer is almost over and I'm feeling meh. About my own idea!

I've NEVER SEEN a proposal!

creative kerfuffle said...

never seen a proposal and i don't understand the suzy pancake reference. what did i miss?