04 August 2010

This Is Not Funny

...unless you're me. And you see this stupid mascot Every Day. Then I can understand the wanting to hit.

BELLINGHAM - IHOP's mascot Suzie Pancake was assaulted by a bystander at about 3 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 3, outside of the restaurant at 3619 Byron St., according to Bellingham police.

A 19-year-old woman dressed in the pancake suit was outside the IHOP, waving at passers-by, when 22-year-old James Manas approached her and began yelling at her and hitting the suit with his hand, Bellingham Police spokesman Mark Young said.

A passer-by stopped Manas as he tried to hit her again; Manas then walked to a nearby bus stop, said Young.

The woman went inside the restaurant, where the manager called Bellingham Police, Young said.

Officers found Manas at New Peking restaurant, 1208 E. Maple St. Manas was cited for disorderly conduct, Young said.

Manas told police he had only been joking, and that he did not hit the pancake, Young said.

The woman was not injured, but was sent home from work early due to distress, Young said.

I think I posted about this before under "Worse Job Ever" but I can't find it.

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