15 August 2010

A Thousand Words

It's so effing hot this weekend that I can't think so it's a picture montage for y'all

Really Kev? What are you? Sixteen?

Don't pick the roses...next to the nuclear facility...the camera did some funky stuff to those roses

Missy...on watch for her dreaded nemesis, Maggy.

this just made me laugh earlier this week...

See you tomorrow friends!!!!


Anonymous said...

Corgi's that don't like water!!!!! Just wrong, they all love water. But still great picture, and great great picture of your Missy, and yea we humans complain all winter and then complain all summer, well I guess it is what it is. See ya

creative kerfuffle said...

i've taken nuclear pics like that! LOL and, if i wanted to i couldn't figure out how to do it again. love missy looking out the window : )