30 March 2011

The Number

I was listening to The Talk today and one of their topics was "the number", meaning the number of people one has had sex with.  It was a very interesting topic not because of the sexiness of it but because of everyone's perception/opinion on the topic.

They differed on whether or not to disclose this number to your partner.  Some said yes, others said absolutely not. Some didn't want to know about their partners past and some didn't care. Some felt like it was opening a can of worms.

Kevin knows who I've been with, not necessarily because he asked but because it just came up in conversations along the way.  I do not know how many women he has been with.  I haven't asked and I don't really want to know.  Not out of jealousy because that's not really how I am wired but just in The Past is The Past kind of way.

I wonder if my opinion would be different if we had mutual friends or if our ages were closer together (we're seven years apart and went to different school districts) I don't think so though. I just can't think of any good reason that the information would be helpful.

So I toss it to you, poppets:  full disclosure or kept in confidence?

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creative kerfuffle said...

ugh. since the hubs and i started dating in high school and then were friends when we weren't dating in college we had full disclosure, although it has recently come out that there were a few girls he dated before me in high school that i didn't know about. hindsight tells me the fd sucks.