21 March 2011

One Grand, Yo

I am acknowledging this very special day, which I never imagined would arrive.

This is officially my 1,000th post. 

Holy sh*t, y'all.

November 5, 2005 this little project began with a post about The Mom, of all things.  I've never done a best of post and perhaps I will someday. 

I've mentioned before that I started this on a whim years ago.  My life had been turned on it's side and I felt like we were starting over.  My head was full and needed emptying.  I thought "Well, you want to be a writer so let's take this new fangled blogging out for a spin."

And here we are.

I would like to thank the academy....wait, what?  Oh yeah.

Seriously.  I just want to send a heartfelt thanks for everyone who stops by this joint and hangs out for a bit.  I have made friends that would never have been possible without this.

I am better for this little bunch of silliness.    I am grateful.



creative kerfuffle said...

congrats to you! 1,000 posts??? sheesh! : ) i'm glad you blog and that i've "met" you. sometimes i don't know what i'd do w/out blogging and the friends i've met through it. here's to another 1,000 posts!!

QueenoftheFall said...

Wow! 1000!

QueenoftheFall said...

Wow! 1000!