12 April 2011

Digging for Gold

One of my rings began snagging on stuff & scratching me so I took it to my jeweler today.   (let's hear for Fairhaven Gold, local friends!!) 

It is actually two rings, given to me from Kevin, that I received separately but had them fused together.  They're gold with sapphires & diamond (chips, if we're being honest :-)   It occurred to me that I hadn't had my rings checked in about two years.  I am usually a much better jewelry owner than that.

I had the jeweler check it out and I knew it was going to be bad when he looked at it and said "Oh My..."
Most of the prongs need retipping. I winced.  21 prongs, all said & done.  I gulped.  $199.  OMG. I told him that it might not be worth repairing and to me relief/despair, he said "Oh yes it is, it definitely is."  So I am so saving up to get my ring fixed.

Paying attention to the ringing in my head, I had him check my wedding ring.  He sighed.  I felt myself signing over the title of my truck to pay for all of this work.  Three tips, $35 including cleaning.  Sigh of relief.  But now I am without my wedding ring for about a week.  I hate, hate, hate that. 

I have a slim gold band to wear but I can't wear Kevin's wedding band like I usually do because the design of my wedding ring is what keeps Kevin's ring from falling off.  So, gah.

The next thing I need to do is have him check my earrings, which are diamond studs that I have worn for every single day for two or three years.  I am hesitant to hear the price for that but I would be sick if a diamond was lost. 

I dug out a jewelry box of broken jewelry I have...just like on the commercials!...and I am going to take them in to see what can be done with them.  Make a bracelet? add to my sapphire ring?  I am just not sure.  Perhaps they will just be donor parts to fix what needs repairing.

The moral of the story is get your rings checked more regularly than every 2-3 years.  Otherwise, you might as well buy new rings.

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