13 April 2011

Weekly Debate

The entire neighborhood and my mother is watching American Idol this year.  It's usually just me that watching with Kevin adding color commentary along the way of "OMG MAKE THEM STOP"

My mom phoned with ten minutes to spare prior to the show to recap last week, gossip about what the entertainment shows say, and predict who's going to go home.  She usually calls Ryan Brian Seacourt and Jennifer Lopez Jessica.  Tonight she called Randy Jackson by Kevin's given name.  (although she laughed when she realized what she said)  Oh, and she called Stefano "Siriano".  She's mixing her love of baseball and American Idol.

With the in-laws we are on opposing teams.  They love Casey & Jacob while Kevin & I don't.  We enjoy Scotty while they want to smack the mike out of his hand.  I can only imagine if we watched this all together in one room.  It would be modern day Hatfield & McCoys.

I love that we're all watching it and have differing opinions that we share over the week.  It's something to debate without the heaviness of politics or religion.

My brother-in-law figured out how to fix the voting system in a rare stroke of genius.  Instead of voting for your favorite, vote for the one you DISLIKE.  I love that idea, I would lean on the freaking redial button if that were the case.

I have such awesome respect for Steven Tyler's talent.  He is amazing with his ability to bust out a song, verse, or chorus with no preparation.  He really shows how far the talent has fallen in the current music industry. 

Also, a sidenote: I want to bitch slap Mariah Carey for teaching an entire generation to sing runs and hit high notes.  I fondly remember the time that people just sang the song without those theatrics.  I can appreciate the talent but it doesn't have  to be in every damn song.

And if you're not watching American Idol, this whole post is in pig latin.  (:-D

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