28 May 2011

I am a Gleek

I posted "Loser Like Me" the other day.  That song resonates with every version of me, from child to adult.

This is the beauty of GLEE.  It resonates.  It's the show we wished we had when we were in high school.  It features the teachers, parents, friends that we wish we had...or maybe did have. They touch on every subject that a teen experiences in a very real - and funny - way.   Yes, it has it's moments of absurdity but mostly, it's pure joy. 

Every person, personality, orientation or ability is represented in this show.  Not in the After School Specials kind of way but in a very real way.  I bet that you will find someone that you identify with, or perhaps a few of them.  Sometimes it feels as if it provides a do-over of sorts, providing a perspective that one might not gain without going to your high school reunions or reliving it with your own children.

The music is amazing. Crazy talented, the actors all sing in real life.  Lea Michelle (Rachel) is incredible. I often like their version better than the originals.  I own all the CD's.  I told you: I'm a Gleek.

Do me a favor...rent the Glee series and watch them.  Rosie O'Donnell said on her radio show that an episode of GLEE is like taking anti-depressants.   So go, do.  Glee is probably my all time favorite show ever and would I ever steer you wrong?

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