25 May 2011

It's the Little Things Sometimes

It's been a stressful couple of days at work.  As much as I can tell myself that it's temporary and be proactive, I've still found myself muttering.  A lot.

Sometimes in moments, hours, days, weeks like this it's important to just take a breath and look around.

The neighbor next door to my work that always says hello.  The lady from the church that knows my name and always asks how I am doing.  The client that is excited and grateful for any gesture of kindness that you can give her.  The client who is excited to see you when not at work.  The coworker that emails you solely to make you laugh.

It's the little things.  The little things that are important.  It's the little things that are going to get me through these next few weeks.

What little things do you see when you look around?  Are you missing them in the busyness of life?

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creative kerfuffle said...

if nothing else, the last two years have really taught me to look at the little things. i am in a super hyper mood these days (i know this will even out eventually) and in this heightened state the little things are glaringly clear. my kids not fighting this week; the hollyhock i've been hoping to bloom didn't get demolished in the storm yesterday; i could go on. yeah, i'm seeing the little things.