07 May 2011

Please Saw Off My Arm

I had my yearly physical the other day so that was fun.  I am actually pretty good about going to the doctor when it comes to maintenance, if you will.  A mammogram is next then the dentist and then a colonoscopy.   I am all about the medical fun, really.

And because I wasn't having enough fun, I had to get a tetanus booster which now includes the Pertussis vaccine.   I don't mind shots or having blood taken so the needle part really wasn't a big deal.  However, NOW, I am pretty freaking miserable.  Not only does a tetanus shot hurt like the fires of hell for the next two days, I frequently forget  that I am allergic to everything. 

So when I began to get grouchy mid-day yesterday I was momentarily puzzled.  Then it occurred to me: foreign substance in your body, you big mook.  By the time I got home from dinner (Oh yes, I still went to dinner. Sure as hell not gonna cook)  I was miserable.  We were in bed at 9:15 on a Friday and not in a good way.

I did have a different doctor, who has an unfortunate name....rhymes with Linkus...which was actually kind of nice because she was super thorough as she's never met me.  What was interesting is that the medical requirements/guidelines/recommedations have all changed.  Pap smears: every two-three years, mammograms...not necessarily helpful, pretty much just get your blood work is all you can do but make sure you request a full blood workup.  So that's a little confusing and depressing. 

I have a difficult time believing that all of the above mentioned has proven to be unhelpful.  It just doesn't make sense to me.  So I will continue to go yearly for all that because I just really don't want to risk it.  It just seems like a good idea to have someone check out everything.

The shiny side of all this is that I am healthy.  My blood work is good and I have no concerns.  For that I am grateful.  Now if one of you will come over with something sharp and saw my arm off, I will be eternally grateful.

Your turn, poppets.  Go to the Doctor.  Get checked out.  We enjoy having you around.


Swistle said...

I was surprised how much the tetanus booster hurt. I knew it was going to, and I was still all "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." And for DAYS!

creative kerfuffle said...

i'm all about the exams too, especially after my scare this year. shots....i am a big freaking wuss w/ shots, blood work. however, w/ age at least i don't feek out and cry like i used to : ) LOL