11 June 2011

The 80's Were A Long Time Ago

This morning while I was running errands I was listening to SIRIUS/XM Big 80's.  They were playing the top 20 of 1984, which heavily featured the soundtrack of Footloose.

I saw this movie with my BFF L.  It was one of the first and few times that I was able to go to the movies without adult supervision as we were only 13 or 14 years old.  I am sure that milestone helped cement the movie and its music into my psyche.

I remember hanging out with BFF L and dreaming about high school. High school: the pot at the end of the middle school rainbow.  I hated middle school and just knew that high school was going to solve all my worries and woes.  High school meant I could drive, I could get a job, I could move.  I could get the hell out of dodge.  (this is one of the first times, I realize, that I had begun planning early my escape)

In high school, we were going to wear Levi's and only Levi's, complete with a Levi jacket.  Nikes or boots were to be the designated footwear.  I wanted a truck and if I'm remembering correctly, L wanted a motorbike.  (is that right, L?) 

What we didn't plan on was reality.  High school was just as difficult as middle school.  L moved to Missouri.  High school and impending adulthood wasn't all my middle school ideals had envisioned.

I worked my entire high school years. I did wear Levi's and Nikes.  I had a truck when I was sixteen that I drove for almost five years.  I didn't date much because I worked so much and because I was a broken kid from a broken (though intact) home.  I did not have a Ren during high school to sweep me off my feet.

This music, though, shines light on the shadows of that time. I can still feel hopeful and dreamy.  I can still feel the summer air and remember riding my ten-speed to L's house approximately one thousand times. I can remember having my future open before me to do with what I wanted.

For the most part my dreams did come true.  I still wear Levi's, I still drive a truck, I am (again) friends with L, and most importantly: I did find my Ren.  Even if he doesn't dance.

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Swistle said...

Oh, man. I saw this movie right around the time I was getting out of a school where dancing was of the devil. I REALLY IDENTIFIED with the movie, is what I'm saying. And of course Kevin Bacon, whoooooof.