20 June 2011

Scene From A Family Gathering

This is the wall of my Mom's kitchen.  It's a little family history snippet.  The wooden fork & spoon was made by my little brother.  My mom used most of the kitchen tools.  That's my Dad's coat hanging on the hook.

My dad built this house from a wee fishing cabin that they bought in 1958.  Where the dryer is standing now used to be bunk beds for my brothers.  The three of us kids were raised in a 2.5 bedroom house, because we just weren't challenged enough in our childhood.

Under the wallpaper is that lovely peachy/rosy color that was so popular in the 50's and 60's.  Where I am standing is the actual kitchen that my Dad custom built so that the upper cupboards can swing open without hitting my mom in the head.  (well, except back in the beehive hairdo days)

Yesterday we all hung in the kitchen.  My brothers girlfriends are both excellent cooks so snacking was plentiful. 

We eventually wandered outside to the beach where I called my little brother out & kicked his ass at skipping rocks.  This picture appears so emo, it makes me giggle. My brother is fishing and my niece is being sixteen.

 It was a nice afternoon considering I irrelevantly called it "Your Dad is Dead Day" I know, I know, I am going to hell for that.  (:-D

This is where you find the best skipping rocks:

I hope you all had a great day with your dads and husbands!!!

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Swistle said...

"Being sixteen"---ha ha ha ha!