19 July 2011

Coffee Talk

It's Day Two of The Great Coffee Change.

First off: LOL at Swistle at the "Held my ground" joke.  It actually made me LOL.
And CK...yes, sadly, this is the very first coffee pot that I have ever owned.  *Law & Order Music*

I took advice from Swistle to enjoy the shopping for it versus focusing on the idea...chore...of it.  It's fun to choose creamers, overwhelming to consider coffees, and why oh why do to-go cups only hold 16 oz?  I did remember to get chocolate syrup so that pleases the 6-year-old in me.  Also, I have the hook up for white chocolate syrup once I have the system perfected.

Kevin, I am happy to report, is pleased with how it is going.  He likes the flavor and seems to enjoy the little bit of extra time he has in the morning.  I have only made him hot coffee at this point.  I will be brave one morning and figure out how to make an iced one.  Well, maybe not so much brave as is "awake".

Me, I am not enjoying it so much.    I think it's because I make Kevin's drink and have to make my drink myself.  So the treat factor is diminished.  I think I might be a little more pleased once I figure out how to make iced ones.

I am, however, enjoying the extra fifteen minutes in the morning.  I've been spending it sleeping, mostly.  As is reasonable.


Swistle said...

Ha ha! I love "maybe not so much brave as is 'awake'."

creative kerfuffle said...

ah..yes, the joy of having someone make it for you is lost when you make it at home. but, seriously, i couldn't get out of the house to GET to a coffee place w/out a cup of coffee at home first. i'm pretty boring w/ my coffee drinking--coffee (folger's or maxwell house) and creamer (sometimes i kick it up a notch a get a flavored creamer).