02 September 2011

I Got Some Ice Cream

I don't know when this began but the rule of the house is that if I forget to get milk at the store & we run out, I have to buy ice cream as well.

Not a bad policy, per se.  I just wish I remember how it started.

Kevin took pity on me tonight because it's been a long work week and it's been K-FAM- All Family All the Time lately so we didn't go out to family dinner tonight.  I brought home take-out instead. 

We ran out of milk after dinner.  Gah.  Pretty much the last thing I wanted to do was get back in the truck and drive three whole minutes to the store to get milk.

I persevered.  I drove to the store, only to realize that it's Labor Day Weekend and there's a World of Outlaw's race at the racetrack near our house.  (not the same kind of racetrack as we use. Because OMGAH wouldn't that be awesome?)  Needless to say: traffic and lots of people who don't live in my neighborhood.

Kevin's been a little symptomatic this week.  A combination of the heat, too much work and play, and not enough rest.  Because of this, he couldn't make a decision about ice cream to save his life. (nearly literally because FTLOG make a decision)

I stood at the cooler and chose vanilla & chocolate Hagen Daz.  Then I went to buy some root beer.  I wanted Barq's because it's the best. They didn't have it.  Then I spotted Henry Weinhard's Creme Soda and wanted Henry's Root Beer because it's better than Barq's actually.  They were out.  Sigh.

(He decided he wanted a root beer float, just in case you're wondering why I'm looking at soda. For once the ADD is not responsible.  Well, nearly)

Disappointed because now I wanted a Henry Weinhard Root Beer and couldn't have one, I paid for the ice cream and went home.

All the kids and THREE DOGS were out playing when I got home so it was a bit of an obstacle course.  Luckily, they are easily distracted ("Hey!  Who can run the fastest back to the house!?!?!") otherwise I was going to have to hide the ice cream in my shirt in order to get into my house.  (fun for Kevin, not so much me)

Finally, I make it in the house and am explaining to Kevin that all the kids were outside and yes, one of the boys bikes are still broken, when he asks.......

Do you have a guess?

"Where's the milk?"

I forgot to buy milk.