16 October 2011

Adventures in Shopping

I usually do all my shopping on Saturday mornings.  This Saturday I was not fit to be around other humans so I stayed home.  So, I went on Sunday feeling like I had already started out on the wrong foot.

I went to Target first.  I am still on the quest for another one of those towels, which still haven't been in stock.  So that's frustrating.  This would be known as a #firstworldproblem I guess so I need to get over it. 

It's time to begin planning packing the suitcases for Vegas (30 days!!!!) so I'm making sure we have enough socks and all that for the trip. Thus I am aimlessly wandering through Target. Again.  Still. Always.  Whatever.

They've recently remodeled to include groceries and frankly, I'm a little disappointed in how small the addition is. There are a few things that are less expensive than Freds so I threw random items in the cart as I went along.

This is the first day that I have my spiffy new RedCard from Target and boy how lucky am I that I had it. Do any of you have the redcard?  Is it worth it?  I only signed up because it's not credit and I can donate to the kids school.

I spotted my high school BFF's mom as I was leaving so we stopped to say hello. 

"How are you?" she asks. 
"I'm good, thanks" I reply.
"So, you're well" she says.
I laughed, "Yes, I am Well."
Nearly 25 years later and I'm still a teenager with poor grammar to her. (:-D 

Next I went across the street to JCPenneys to exchange a shirt (too big!!! hooray!)
I decided to get some underwear for the trip.  I actually found what I wanted (multiple pairs of black...stores don't carry it, look next time.  Also: #firstworldproblem)

I went to the cashier and viola...no cash card.  No checkbook.  Panic.  Panic and frustration.  I still had one more stop to make.  Luckily I had just gotten cash back at Target so I was good to go with this purchase.

But I still needed to buy a part for our lamp that Kevin was rewiring.  GAH.
I assumed that the lamp part was going to be less than $6.72 so I braved it and stopped to buy the part.

Kevin is great at sending pictures (or the actual part) when he sends me for stuff.  I stood in the aisle with my cell phone comparing the picture with everything that was on the shelf.  Finally I had to accost a gentleman to question him as what I was looking at didn't match what I was looking at, if you will.

After that, I think I totally could have gone on a date.  I really shouldn't trust strangers as much as I do.

I was a little worried that I nothing left but $1.62 but I was fairly confident that I hadn't been pick-pocketed or dropped it in the parking lot.  I tend to be on the scatterbrain side when it comes to my cash card.  It's been washed more times than necessary. It's been left at a restaurant, at work, in Canada.  Usually though, it's in some unglamorous place like my jeans or sweatshirt.  I knew better than to call Kevin to search.  First: he would panic. Second: he would dump my stuff all over the desk, which I was already planning to do so why should he get the fun?

The checkbook I vaguely remembered writing bills at work so I assumed it was in my bag.  Double word score for me: it also held my license.  It's a good thing that I didn't get pulled over and even better that Kevin bought a State Patrolman's coffee this morning at the coffee stand.  (double good karma)

All's well that ends well.  My checkbook was in my bag, my cash card was in my purple sweatshirt, and I bought most of what I needed at Target.

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Swistle said...

Yes, I love my RedCard! I like the school-donation thing, and also the automatic-5%-off-everything thing.

Our grocery remodels aren't huge either. I'll bet all new Targets will have full-size groceries, but the old ones are trying to cram 10 units of Target into an 8-unit-sized box. I like the way that if I need just a couple of grocery items (bananas, milk, spinach), I can go browse at Target and get those things too, instead of having to go to the boring grocery store.