27 November 2011

No Dogs on the Bed

Today is the last day of vacation, I'm sad to announce. We're both not ready to return to work but am ready to return to some sort of schedule.  With that, I did chores & errands like I normally would this weekend.

I also considered frocking the house for Christmas but I just couldn't get motivated.  I took out a few things but just didn't have the energy for the tree. I did manage to put up outside Christmas lights on our steps and set up the Christmas village. (which I am going to relocate, I don't like it there.)

In the meanwhile, I put away the Thanksgiving decorations and decluttered a bit. 

I brought home a dog awhile ago, a stuffed one. (or a plushie, or a stuffie, depending on where you are from)  He sat by the front door for awhile.  Today I decided that he would rest on our bed.

Kevin came in and announced "Get that damn dog off the bed!" and I laughed. Only he would refer to it as a living thing.

Hours later, I went into our bedroom to change clothes.  The dog was gone, stuffed under the bedding, Godfather style.  (if you haven't seen the movie, this is irrelevant)

He is, if nothing else, entertaining.

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