03 November 2011

These are not Dorothys

I think I've found a source of happiness that most everyone can enjoy.

Red shoes.

I have two pairs now and it's surprising how much they make me happy.

The first pair is the LLBean slip-ons that Kevin calls my "comfortable shoes"

(one of our friends called these man shoes)

I can't tell the brand of the shoe...all I see is DP.  They are nearly as comfortable as the Danskos.  I love that they're slip-on, have a cushy heel and, like my Dansko's, make me taller. I bet with these I'm 5'4"!!

Happiness can be found in red shoes...or just shoes that you enjoy, I suppose.  I think the red makes you extra happy though.

1 comment:

Swistle said...

I am fond of GREEN shoes, myself. Together, we could have Christmas feet!