19 January 2012

Whatever You Do, Don't Laugh

Kevin's mom is struggling so send out a thought to whomever you believe in.

With that, I'm sharing a quick funny story and calling it a day.

We laughed at Modern Family where Lilly cursed profusely because we just experienced that with Girl Little.

The kids were sledding for the fourth time in two days.  Girl Little didn't want to because she didn't have gloves and she was just kind of over it.

As she went down the stairs to play in the snow she casually states:

"I'm a pussy because I don't want to go sleighing."

Kevin & I were stunned into hysterical silence.  We knew we couldn't laugh nor scold so we just tried to be nonchalant and nod understandingly.

As soon as we turned away, however, we busted out.

(PS..."Sleighing" is sledding.  We don't know where sleighing came from)

To add to the funny of this story, this is the angel with the potty mouth:

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weeklyjoy said...

That's hilarious! They all do that at some point- my older daughter picked up on my driving swearing I wasn't even aware I was doing. One day I heard a sweet little angel voice from the backseat say "there go those jackasses again" ! I think she was about 2 1/2!