25 March 2012

Where is My Walkman?

I have two boxes of CD’s next to me.  Kevin’s brother converted them all to MP3 and loaded them on his phone.  Kevin can then plug his phone into his stereo and voila! there is every song he’s every purchased.

At the time I didn’t have a phone with a big enough memory to do it so I am still stuck in the 90’s.  Also, we have similar yet different tastes.  He would not be caught dead or alive with GLEE on his playlist.

I’m a little more picky as well.  I would want to choose and carefully arrange my playlist.  Kind of like a DJ, I want the perfect blend of loud and quiet. Thusly I’m stalled with two boxes of CD’s.

What does one do with leftover, outdated even, CD’s anyway?  Trading them in used to be an option but it’s dead technology so a person either gets $5 for 100 CD’s or trades unwanted one for more soon-to-be unwanted ones.

I’m also cynical about technology.  I just know that after I convert all this music as MP3 something else better will just replace it and I’ll be frustrated all over again.

Just get me my cane, Walkman, and Duran Duran CD. I’ll be fine.

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