02 April 2012

Third Time Is A Charm

I have been working on the family tree for my family.  It has been no easy feat, for sure.

Three out of Four GRANDPARENTS have been married THREE TIMES.





Thank God Washington State has their records online or this would be impossible to track.  As it turns out, one of my grandmothers may have been married four times as I can't find record of her most recent marriage so I'm unsure if her husband went by a different name or what.

What else...

Both Kevin & my mothers have April birthdays.
Both mothers have the same names.

Kevin's mother nearly married a man with a name I'll say is "Squick"
My maternal grandmothers maiden name is "Squick"

My paternal grandmothers maiden name is the same as my Married name.

My married name (although common) is cited on a marriage license as witnesses. It *might* be a great uncle & aunt of Kevins.

There are lots of December and May weddings and birthdays, just like Kevin & I.

Oh, my great-grandfather was a racecar driver.  It was early NASCAR style racing but still. Kevin is an NHRA racer

It has been fun finding these little threads of similarity as I go.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone to research.  

Oh by the way, I've only been married twice.  (:-D


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Jennifer said...

Regarding the recent marriage...my grandmother "married" her 2nd husband. Why "married"? Because she didn't really, as we found out after she died. Turns out they did the ceremony and reception and all but never legally did the deed because they wanted to keep their social security benefits + avoid whatever legal problems would ensue for their surviving children. Also, I think Grandma got to keep Grandpa's pension benefits and whatnot that way.

Long story short=maybe she didn't really get married.