05 April 2012

Was That Only Fifteen Minutes?

I thought of Swistle just now when the Littles were over for one of their visits.

Being almost six-year-old triplets, there is always at least one talking.  Usually the boys take turns then Girl Little is always providing commentary.

We were talking about Easter Eggs & how does the Easter Bunny does his job and how he must have family to help and how we think Lucky ate an Easter egg last year and he also must have eaten all the Leprechauns because they didn't find any this year and What color does black and purple make and what time does Uncle Kevin get home and when are we going to do candymovienight and how many days until our birthday and when do we go back to school and how long is summer and what's for dinner and I would just make peanut butter & jelly for dinner, no I would make CEREAL and I would just eat Candy!  Who is that in the picture? he looks like Harry Potter, they are the SAME AS US!?! and will they come to our birthday? Our brother is at Canons and they're playing basketball but Daddys doing laundry and when are we going to color Easter eggs...........

In fifteen minutes.

Then they were gone.  And I need a nap.

Gosh, I love them so.


Swistle said...

Ha ha ha! YES, I can just PICTURE them!

Collie said...

Oh my gosh, that was so entertaining to stumble upon. Thank you