26 May 2012

I'm Walking Here!

My De Niro impression sucks so play along with me, mkay?

Today was the day, poppets

Today, Way, way, WAY ahead of schedule I walked with a cane. A lot. Outside and stuff, even.

I found that I was wrestling with the walker yesterday. I was either scooching along like post-hospitalization or stumbling away from it and needing to reach back for it.

I showed Kevin last night that I could go all "Look! No Hands!!" He was cautious but excited.

This morning he brought me his mother's cane (she doesn't use it. We're not *that* horrible) A few steps later and I'm all Check Me Out.

In two weeks I start physical therapy and I hope this new skill bode well for that unpleasantness.

The boys built a ramp today too. I'm free to come & go now. Although I promised Kevin I wouldn't do it alone until I was more steady.  A promise I've already broken. Hey, I had to surprise him with his birthday gift!

So do a little happy dance with me, won't you?  Cha cha cha!!!

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Swistle said...

HOORAY!! What great news!