04 June 2012

Daytime TV Thinks You Suck

As we're all very well aware, I've been watching television.  A lot of television.

The overwhelming lesson I've learned is that daytime television thinks you suck.  It's very obvious, it doesn't try to hide it's opinion. It's our frenemy.

You're too heavy
Your hair is dull and the wrong color
You have too much hair.
Your make-up is all wrong
You can sue the pharmaceutical companies for everything that is wrong in your life.
Your clothes aren't good enough
Your closets are a mess
Your kids should be constantly misbehaving
You need to spend less time cooking, but eat better.
You're spending too much time cleaning your house
You are using the wrong toothpaste, drinking the wrong thing.
You are even going poo all wrong.

A person needs a strong ego to watch daytime television.  If you allow it into your brain, you will learn that you most definitely suck.

Mute the commercials.  They're a bunch of liars.

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