16 August 2012

Going to the Dogs

Missy is getting older, she's starting to move slower and sleep more.  Her hearing is fading although she still hears if Kevin has a snack, remarkably.   She's over eleven years old so we know the clock is ticking.

We've considered getting a puppy to overlap dogs and to revitalize Missy. To be honest, to also take the sting out of when Missy decides to go. Losing a dog very particularly sucks and I will do anything to make the process better.

But then we remember how much work a puppy is and we stop.  Although right now is a good time because the weather is nice.  Once winter comes then a puppy isn't possible.  Also, Missy is an alpha dog who doesn't have patience for, let's say, not-smart dogs. She has patience with kids & adults, just not people in dog form.

Both of our dogs were shelter dogs.  We really wouldn't consider anything else.  We love Lucky Dog but labs have traits that we don't enjoy...chewing, chewing, chewing. Oh and the digging.  Kevin would like a Blue Heeler and they are cool but I struggle with the idea of having a dog that is smarter than me.  We do like Australian Shepherds and Shepherds.  Girl dogs only. Big dog because we live in the country.  Kevin needs a dog that will play.  Missy Jo will gladly take the ball from Lucky, if he has it but she's not interested in the lowly game of fetch. She just doesn't want Lucky to have it.

Smart dogs can be fun but also frustrating.  I've always said I preferred a dumb dog because they will do something different every time whereas a smart dog does the same things over and over.

But as much as we can say that we want a specific kind of dog, we both know that dogs usually choose us.  With Aussie, she chose Kevin.  We were looking at another dog when Aussie came over to Kevin and leaned into him, with her chin in his hand.  It was so sweet that I teared up.  Kevin just looked over his shoulder and quietly said "We'll take her home."

Missy rope-a-doped Kevin by acting sweet & timid until about three days after he brought her home, then she turned into devil dog.  We had a conversation about turning her back in that she must have overheard because she suddenly started to behave.  Smart girl.  (that's the problem)

So, that's what we're thinking about right now.

Partners in Crime: Lucky Dawg and Missy Jo

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