13 September 2012

Snazzy New Glasses

Photo by Kevin. Believe it or not, this is the best out of four. I  think I'm saying "Just take the picture, I'm already over it."

Swistle has mentioned Zenni Optical before and I've been fascinated with the site ever since.  It's a site for inexpensive eyeglasses.  This is my out-of-pocket year for glasses and with this whole ankle adventure, I don't have the extra $300 to drop on the "luxury" of glasses.  I realized with excitement that I could finally use the website! I could, theoretically, buy five pairs of glasses for the price of one regular pair of glasses!

The site has some truly funky frames but they also have some trendy, cute, cool ones too.  You can build a wishlist and even upload a picture to see how they would look.  This is recommended because mine are a little big for my head. But they are super comfortable so I don't care.
You need your prescription and maybe need to measure your pupil distance, which is easy and they provide instructions.  It will save your prescription so you can order more later when you want.  (impulse buying!)

I am really rough on wire frames so the plastic ones are like heaven to me.  I am going to order a second pair just because I CAN, it's so inexpensive.  There is a Burberry patterned pair that I think are cool but I'M not cool enough to pull them off.  I considered red frames but it conjures images of Sally Jessy Raphael and I just can't do it.  Maybe green ones instead.

There is a discount eyeglasses store here but it's kind of a You Get What You Pay For situation.  The prescriptions have been "fine", not great, and the frames have been wonky. The eye doctor I see is absolutely lovely but the retail part is super expensive.  This seemed to have solved the problem for me.  Hooray!

screen grab from zennioptical.com


Chanarra said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
This information comes at a great time for me. Since I have been back to school for programming, I have found that my prescription has changed. Or, perhaps, BECAUSE I am programming my prescription has changed. (Pick one). Either way, the doctor visit would be doable...it was just the springing for specks that was stressing me out. Great info! Thanks again :)

Swistle said...