21 October 2012

Live Blogging Monica's Closet Excavation

Today's the day.  The day to clean out Monica's closet. (if you're wondering wth I'm talking about, click here: http://youtu.be/R4VCrlWyXbQ  )  It hasn't been touched since I threw myself down the stairs. Other than to randomly toss stuff in there, slam the door, then run away.

Kevin walked in and said "What are you doing? OMG Clean up this mess!"

Two boxes of CD's from when Kevin's brother converted them to MP3's...Now WTF am I to do with them?

Three sports balls, a water gun, and a super bounce ball for the kids.  Because these are easy to store.

Easter decorations EVERYWHERE.

Amazon boxes EVERYWHERE.

The beautiful table runner I brought home has a ghastly stain. Doggone it.

Pile of throw rugs that have been banished since the wheelchair days.  Hmmmm.

If my mother-n-law buys any Christmas wrap or bows this year, it's going to be a very merry UnChristmas.  (we store her Christmas stuff)

A lamp my aunt gave me from my mom's house because "You said you liked it and wanted it"  WHEN I WAS SIX.

 A failed bills filing system and leftover shredding because I overloaded the shredding.

Oh good, more picture frames.

Must not look in random photo album. Must. Not. Look.

Too late...there goes 10 minutes.

I have too many empty boxes.  Christmas is in two months. What to do?

What the hell do I do with a VCR?

If I have to sort Christmas, Easter, Halloween decorations into the correct boxes, should I just leave the Christmas stuff out now?

Why do I have plastic leis?  Why don't I remember how I got them?

 You know those plastic bags with zippers that blankets come in?  Yeah, I have tens of those, need one?

I have kept a binder from the school job for years.  It was one of those "I'm sure I'll want something out of it one day" things.  I made myself take fifteen minutes to flip through it.  Out of a three-inch binder, I kept three pieces of paper.  SHEESH.

Well, nearly three hours and all is right.  Order has been restored.

(play balls in zippered bag, lamp safely-ish stowed, decorations banished to boxes, buzz lightyear boot nearly out of sight...I'm only 5'3" lol)