10 October 2012

What You Got

We were working in the yard over the weekend.  We decided to redo a small garden spot in our big yard.   This is the one I referenced awhile ago about gardening with Kevin requires a chain saw.


We were finishing up a project and by finishing up, I mean Kevin was doing it and I was standing there. With the dogs, supervising.

He was making do with some cinderblock edging that we already had, even though his brother has the kind Kevin likes and says he can use.  "But I don't want to use them because sure enough he will decide he was going to use them to, I don't know, build a house or something."  (anyone who knows my b-i-l in reals just laughed out loud.  My b-i-l is Not Motivated, unless of course, you need/want something he has extra of.  Then suddenly he was going to do something with that while he's long-suffering yet endearing wife eye-rolls in the background)

Again. Anyway.  Hello ADD, nice to meet you.

Finally as Kevin was just about finished, he sighs "It's done. You work with what you've got. Not with what you want."


That's pretty sage advice actually.

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