23 November 2012

The Lights Went Out

We went as a group to the Mob Experience at the Tropicana the first night we were in Vegas.  The Tropicana is one of the oldest casinos left in Vegas and a person can feel it while being inside.

The Mob Experiment is much like the Titanic Exhibit in the idea that you are immersed into the way of life.  The exhibit is decorated in Prohibition time with dark alleys, barrels and artifacts. 

There are occasional live actor "guides" that talk you through the next step.  They sound and appear straight from The Untouchables.  There were also holograms/videos of known mafia actors that continually told the story of the mafia and gave instructions as to how to proceed.  So, a good mix of role-paying and passive interaction.

We were stopped by a wiseguy in an alley.  We were given instructions to make a drop with a gangster in a sidewalk cafe.  The wiseguy asked us to repeat the instructions and everyone was quiet.  Reflexively as a nerd-girl, I repeated them.  "Ah, Blondie here was listening.  You look like a good girl, you take this envelope and make the drop."

We continued down the street and was approached by another wiseguy.  He asked who had the goods and I had to step forward.  This is where I say that I do not enjoy role-play.  But I somehow managed to do it without giggling.

I was lead over to the cafe and seated with the mob boss.  Again, referred to as "Blondie" he gave me/us an explanation of what to do next.  I completed the drop and then we were instructed to continue.  I will say that it was difficult not to giggle or sass.  Also, my mouthy friends became quiet.  That was kind of weird.  

We were then taken to the cop shop and interrogated as a group to give up the goods on the mob boss.  He was actually pretty funny.  I kept wondering if any of us were going to cave in.  We didn't have an opportunity to discuss it beforehand and somehow we all decided to lie to the police officer.

After that, we were guided  through the museum part of the experience.  My only complaint was there was too much reading and not enough interaction.  This is where we lost the boys. 

The last part was a mini-documentary on the making of the Godfather.  This was very interesting.  All but one of the boys had seen the movie so they all sat in rapt attention.

Finally, we were led into a backroom. We were instructed that we were going to appear in front of The Boss and our fates would be decided.  We were then led out to another back alley and loading dock where the final hologram greeted us. 

To be honest, I can't even remember exactly what was said.  It was very intimidating as the hologram also had two enforcers with big effing guns in their hands.  It was cold and creepy.   The hologram told us that while we did successfully manage to complete the drop, we didn't measure up.

The boss told the enforcers "Take care of them, boys" and walked away.

The boys looked at each other then faced us, lifted their guns and SHOT US.

The lighting changed, there was a wind effect that buffeted you to simulate the bullets hitting you. The noise was incredibly loud.  I don't remember even hearing anything from our group.  It was surreal and a little upsetting.

We walked out dejectedly wondering why we got whacked.  Of course, the brother-in-law got a tremendous amount of sh*t for wearing that g.d. safety coat. His wife is certain that he is the reason we were whacked.

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