16 February 2013

Intestines on a Table

The Nephew thought that we hadn't spent near enough time in a hospital recently so he decided to need surgery.

Our lovely boy has Crohns disease and it has been kicking him pretty hard recently. He spent a few days in the hospital a few weeks ago and just hasn't been feeling well for a while.

Finally, it landed him in the hospital and with surgery.  They took out an abscess (effing ow) and a small section of small intestine & colon, where the two meet.
He has a pretty decent incision in his belly but not as large as one would think.

They literally took his guts out and worked on them while on a table.  We've been joking that his new band name can be "Intestines on a Table".  Yes, we are a dark bunch.

Today he was supposed to have the epidural taken out but not so much.  I'm a little anxious about his pain levels once that occurs.  Also, we noticed today that it appears he has stitches in his back as well.  (no, not epidural marks but stitches)

The good news of all of this is that he will only feel better from here.  We know for certain that the Crohns hasn't ravaged his organs, which can happen just not now.

But he is six foot two inches tall and walks around at 220 pounds.  He is currently at 160 pounds.  He shoulders are jutting, his jawline is pronounced, and he's got chicken legs.  It's just sad.

More sad is watching the kids - bigs and littles - try to figure this whole thing out and watch his fiancee try to figure out how to be in a relationship with a sick spouse.  She's been a good soldier, tamping down her fear and making everything as right as she can.

It always makes us laugh that nurses and doctors comment "Wow, there are a lot of people here!"  We always say "We can make it worse. One phone call."   Now we can say "We can add five kids if you think it's a good idea."

So, that's where we have been for the last almost two weeks.  Visiting a sick boy in the hospital.  

When we sent The Nephew off to surgery, we each took a moment with him.  I just tried to choke out a cheery "You got this."  Kevin gave him an awkward white boy  fist bump then I noticed that Kev kind of spun around and walked away afterward.  It was his version of taking-a-moment.  He mentioned a little while later while we were alone in the elevator that it choked him up sending him off to surgery.

I told him that of course it did.  "That's our boy too."   He's the closest thing we have to a child. 

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Swistle said...

I love "We can make it worse. One phone call."