16 June 2013

Fathers Day

I just posted this on the facebook for father's day after seeing some really cool pictures of my friends dads.  It pretty much sums it up: beer, cigarette, lake, and if we're going to get all symbolic up in here: his back turned.

I've never enjoyed Father's Day because I have always felt cynical about it. Added now is a little wistfulness about it.  My dad has been gone almost four years so  there's a little of that orphan feeling.  Kevin and I didn't have kids so there's that gap as well. 

Yes, we have Kev's dad who is awesome (even with the whistling) but there's still not a lifelong connection there.  Kevin wrote a thanks Dad post on the facebook today and made everyone cry.  Well done, Kevin.  We bought him an Italian soda and a card because he doesn't want anything.  He fussed over the doggone soda.

I do have my eldest brother, ten years my senior.  After my dad passed, my mom gamely tried to have a fathers day celebration in his honor but that just felt awkward and weird.  My little brother doesn't have children.  I also have my brother-in-law as well but ours is so not that relationship. So: no.

I was sitting here, contemplating the day.  It occurred to me: the Nephew.  The Nephew is a dad.  Five kids, not his biologically but his all the same. His more so because he chose them.  Now that's a reason to celebrate Father's Day.  The light, joy, and pride that the Nephew and his kids have brought into our lives.

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Lindsay said...

Absolutely love this. I never connected that your nephew was father to the five littles before either, so I'm glad I got this figured. :) enjoy the rest of your Sunday!