02 June 2013

People Watching

Kevin and I went to dinner tonight just by ourselves. Just that is enough for a post. It nearly feels like that hasn't happened in forever.

One of our favorite things to do is people watch. I have two favorites that we've seen:

One was a couple on a date where the girl kept texting and he was annoyed. She went to the bathroom finally and he called over the waitress. Next thing we knew he paid the bill and walked out, leaving her there.

The second was two young guys on a date, one was trying super hard but the other wasn't interested as much. As a last ditch effort, the enthusiastic one offered to take him to his church. I swear I heard a record scratch after he said it. He replied "No, they don't like me there." which I thought was kind of a clever reply. Mr. Enthusiastic gamely tried to fix it with "No, they're really cool" but it was met with an eyeroll. From all of us.

Tonight we went to a cafe. There were two other couples there, one was bookish, watching Jeopardy and the other was rednecky and friendly. The redneck couple chatted with the waitress and Kevin as we waited for our order.

While we ate dinner Kevin said "Now that's a nice Camry" which of course made me look because who says that? The car had a broken side mirror, sooty trunk with
mold on the bumper and a body that looked like it has a few softballs thrown at it.

As we finished, the bookish couple left.  I wasn't really paying attention when Kevin started to laugh and said incredulously "I did Not see that coming".  The bookish couple got into the crappy little Camry, not the nicer Nissan that was parked nearby.

I told Kevin that I would had lost that bet as well then made the joke of that's what we get for being judgy.  Meanwhile, the woman of the other couple had impeccable table manners, like tea with the Queen manners. The man was reading the newspaper, and not just the sports or cartoons.

One just never knows what you'll learn when you people watch.

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