15 October 2013

He Makes Pies Now

Kevin's dad was gone for most of his childhood and a good part of his adulthood.  He regretted that for years and decided shortly after Kevin & I began to date that he was going to be involved in his boys lives.

He set his dream as once he retired he would be at his family's disposal. Everything he had was to be for his family.  He had plans to travel with his wife and sister & brother-in-laws but two unexpected deaths and his wife's failing health ruined those plans.

So, Plan B.  We moved them up here to live and this plan became his new dream.  Nothing makes him happier than to be helping.  Be it helping by working in our yards, fixing a stuck drawer, or giving someone a ride.  Call him at 9:00 at night from the Canadian border and he's excited to be needed. (true story)

Lately he's been cooking as Kevin's mom isn't able to do it anymore.  He can make a mean dinner, or lately applesauce and apple butter.  Yep, this 75 year old, functionally illiterate, retired long haul trucker is cooking, canning, and now baking.

He just brought us two plates of homemade apple pie for dessert after making us dinner.  I don't think I've ever seen him so happy or confident. There is very little resemblance between this man and the man almost twenty five years ago.  It's a wonderful thing.

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