07 October 2013

She Only Goes By Lucy Sometimes

As you've probably guessed, I often anthropomorphize animals.  I talk to the dogs like I talk to people and assign them a dialogue as well.  Why, yes, I do have an overactive imagination, why do you ask?

When we have Lucy in the cab of the truck with us, instead of riding in back like a mere dog, she always put her front paws on our legs to look out the windows. If she rides in the truck bed, she leans her front leg on the bedside like she's cruising the strip.

She has hound in her so she's constantly on the hunt, with her nose to the ground.  She loves to catch things like moths, spiders, bugs. She snatches them out of the air like a ninja.  It creeps the nephew out that she's such a cold-blooded-killer.

While getting ready to go racing, Lucy hunted and killed a whole bunch of zipties.  (those plastic slide ties)  She'd dive on one, pick it up, and with one chomp, bite it in half then spit it out like "Yeah, I did that."  The Nephew commented "She's so gangster".

That's why we call her Two Paws.  It's her rap name.

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