02 November 2013

There Are Always Stories to Tell at the Racetrack

More racing stories...

It turns out that Kevin and his brother met in the final round during the last official CPSA race.  It wasn't as planned, we were supposed to go out in the semi-final.

Anyway, the Nephew helps with both racecars so it put him in a spot.  Help his dad or help his Uncle, who actually needs him on the track more.

In a show of faith in humanity, a guy we race with (I call him that because I wouldn't describe him as a friend) offered to work with Kevin's brother so that the Nephew could step aside. How nice is that?  Nephew helped Kevin and I after all. I love that about dragracers.

Then we test  & tuned (exactly what it sounds like) a few weekend ago. October is too effing cold to go racing, especially next to the Fraser River.

The boys kept getting in the same line in the staging lanes this time.  I would do my work with Kevin, watch him break-the-beams and stage then have to turn and pull his brother onto the track at the same time.  It was making me nuts, especially since a certain driver doesn't  always pay attention.  Anyway, I'm certain that this provided entertainment for anyone who was paying attention.

The last pass of the season happened past 8:00 pm and we really shouldn't have done it. It was too cold, there was dew, and it's freaking OCTOBER.  Well, sure enough, the car in front of ours had issues and leaked water down the track.

This is where I'm grateful for our friends. God Bless them, seriously.  One of the guys went stomping across the lane, yelling at the track guys "That M'er F'er does it every time..." and just let them have it.

Meanwhile Kevin is sitting in the racecar questioning every decision he's ever made.  I was standing next to the car and when I realized what was happening, I knelt down and pointed out to him:

"Pal, look at the track. Look at all those guys out there working to make you safe.  There's the Nephew, the track manager, the starter, your friends. They're all out there right now. They will not send you down the track unless it's safe.  How lucky are you?"

Because seriously, how lucky are we?  I guess after the year we had, I just appreciate our friends twice as much as I ever have.

Now we're headed off to Vegas soon.  Kevin is the crew chief on a friend's car and I'm so damn proud.  I can't wait.

And this is my new favorite picture.  Taken last month.

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