30 April 2014

My Therapy is in a Grocery Store

I like to shop at the high-end grocery store when I only need a few items. For instance, their produce is remarkably better so I often stock up there. And their baked goods...mmmm....I can justify spending a little more when it's only a few items.

My first outing after throwing myself down the stairs was physical therapy.  It felt odd to be out in the world again after months of going nowhere and seeing no one other than family.  It was almost overwhelming. 

I had decided that if physical therapy went well, I would use a coffee gift card that was given to me at work prior to said stair adventure.  This store also has a coffee stand within it's walls. I know, it's nearly perfect.

The nice thing about this grocery store is that parking is close, level, and well-maintained.  As is the inside of the grocery store.  It's quieter and less people so one doesn't have to worry that you're limping and using the cart as a walker.

So, this store became my therapy.  I would stop and pick up a little something-something and do as much walking as I could stand after a doctor's appointment or therapy.

Well, it's become a habit now.  Even if I only need grapes and muffins, which are on the same side of the store and nearest the parking lot, I still walk slowly around the store as if touring a museum or flower garden.

It's not like I'm particularly interested in much of anything beyond the basics in a food store but that being said the music is always good.  The entry always has the most lovely flowers and plants and Christmas trees so it's like walking through a garden.

What more could a girl ask for from  therapy?  Baked goods, good music, pretty flowers, and coffee.

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